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Why it’s important to update your food manufacturing equipment

Keeping up to date with food manufacturing equipment will give you the latest in technology, safety, precision and improve your business workflows.

Like most innovative products, food machinery upgrades can streamline the way your business operates by making it more efficient and keeping in line with regulatory requirements for food handling.

Whether it’s grinding or slicing, mixing or packing, selecting the most suitable food manufacturing equipment for your business can save your company money and improve food quality.

Benefits of updating food manufacturing equipment

Whether it’s a new machine or an upgrade of existing equipment, new technologies mean more profits as food machinery becomes more environmentally friendly. The use of sustainable products and packaging as well as reducing food waste means more food produced with less leftover waste. More meat can then be used in the production process. Increases in safety and efficiency also mean updating food manufacturing equipment has added benefits for staff operating the machines and the business’s profitability. Take a look at different food machinery options for mixing and grinding.

Upgrading your workplace

Updating food machinery is also an opportunity to update your whole workplace. As workplaces age, they become susceptible to issues with structures, plumbing or pests so it’s also critical to your food manufacturing business that you maintain the health and safety protocols outside of the food machinery. Gone are the days of butcher shops with sawdust on the floor but food regulations are constantly being updated and upgraded and businesses are responsible to maintain those health and safety practices.

Keep on top of servicing and checks

Having regular checks of your food manufacturing equipment can identify any issues before they arise and keep them running at optimum levels. Routine servicing can extend the life of your food machinery and save you money in the long run by ensuring production and energy efficiency. It’s important to keep machines clean and ensure the best sanitary practices are followed. If a machine issue is detected too late there are real risks of food contamination, product recalls, wastage and damage to your brand’s reputation.

At Interfood, our experts can provide an onsite evaluation where they will analyse the workflows and business processes to determine the best food manufacturing equipment to meet your needs.

Interfood Machinery Group has offices in major Australian cities and would love to help find the right product for you. Give us a call today: Brisbane (07) 3245 8000, Sydney (02) 9771 1955 and Melbourne 0413 056 535.

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