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The different food machinery options for mixing and grinding

The different food machinery options for mixing and grinding

Whether you are in the market for a commercial scale meat grinder or a food mixer, at Interfood, we sell the best on the market.

Three main brands of meat grinder and food mixer machines supplied by us are GEA, Roser’s CATO line and Velati. You need a meat grinder that can perform consistently to make hamburgers, sausages and more while food mixers need capacity and consistency. All need hygiene as a priority. So let’s take a look at the options for meat grinder and food mixer products.


GEA meat grinders cover a range of grinding applications. Three and five piece knife sets are available with a fixed pre-cutter to reduce pressure which reduces wear and tear and heat build up on raw products. They feature 1500 litre hoppers with agitators for constant meat grinding and a hygienic design with exchangeable parts.

GEA food mixer products are designed to produce effective mixing actions with uniform spice distribution and protein extraction. Salts and liquids can be added with ease. They come with colour touch screens and storage for pre-set food mixing programs. Frame, body and mixing wings are made from stainless steel which keeps hygiene at a maximum and all corners of the hopper and cabinet are curved to facilitate easy cleaning.

Roser Group’s CATO line

CATO automatic high-power Industrial meat grinders offer multiple speed options while delivering a fast and efficient grind of frozen meats up to -25C. They are perfect for processing meat for smallgoods and other casing meat products like sausages. From deli cuts to smallgoods or pre-packaged meals, it’s critical you have the right machines for the job when processing meat. Read more about finding the right food processing machinery for meats.


Velati meat grinder products are made entirely of stainless steel to maintain quality and safety while grinding frozen meat blocks. The TFR grinder breaker has a productivity of 12,000kg an hour and is usually used in industrial plants for salami or sausages due to its high productivity and flexibility.

Velati food mixers have capacity tanks of between 1100-4000 litres and allow a perfect mixing of different components and a rapid unloading. The mixers are again aimed at smallgoods manufacturers which produce salami, mortadella, sausages and other processed meats.

Interfood Machinery Group has offices in major Australian cities and would love to help find the right product for you. Give us a call today: Brisbane (07) 3245 8000, Sydney (02) 9771 1955 and Melbourne 0413 056 535. You can take a look at our meat grinder and food mixer products here.

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