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Finding the right food processing machinery for meats

From deli cuts to smallgoods or pre-packaged meals, it’s critical you have the right machines for the job when processing meat.

Mixing and grinding

Whether you are a retail butcher or a commercial production facility, meat grinders need to be efficient and reliable. It is important that meat can be ground to a consistent size and quality. The GEA PowerGrind, for example, is ideal food processing machinery for grinding meat for hamburgers, sausages and mince. The Roser Cato Mastergrinder range includes modern industrial meat grinders with multiple speeds and different grinding plates which deliver efficient and fast, fresh and semi-frozen ground meat.

Cutting and emulsifying

Cutters from GEA are some of the most flexible meat processing and food processing machinery on the market. They offer high productivity for almost all preparation jobs where mixing and emulsifying are required. Anything from coarse chopping to the finest emulsifying can be achieved with homogenous mixing of the ingredients.


Commercial food tumbling machines can add precious flavour into your meat processing. Marinating and tenderising meat is a crucial part of any butcher shop, smallgoods factory or industrial processing plant. Tumblers use a basic process to create flavour by combining the products in a bowl and massaging the meat to break down the proteins which allow marinades to penetrate the meat more successfully.


We are all familiar with a commercial slicer at our local deli or supermarket and they really are an invaluable asset for all types of businesses from restaurants to shops and caterers. Larger commercial options are pretty clever food processing machinery because the automation saves so much time. They can slice meats in a visually appealing way. A shaved look creates the feel of high volume portions and makes it easier to take a single slice. The folded form draws the customer’s attention and makes your product stand out in the supermarket fridge. Shingle cuts give optimum separation of slices and are suitable for all kinds of products.


Sausage and casing stuffers are designed to compress ground meat through a cylinder and on a commercial level Frey is leading the way. Frey has a wide range of filling machines of all sizes for smaller businesses or large commercial operations. It offers smaller capacity 20 litre mobile options to large capacity food processing machinery. The industrial machines can feed more than 4000kg of meat an hour with hoppers capable of holding hundreds of litres in capacity. Industrial designs also integrate the latest technology with large digital display screens.

Interfood Machinery Group has offices in major Australian cities and would love to help find the right product for you. Give us a call today: Brisbane (07) 3245 8000, Sydney (02) 9771 1955 and Melbourne 0413 056 535. You can take a look at our meat processing and packaging products here.

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