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Food Manufacturing

GEA OptiSlicer 6000: The new precision slicer for the meat processing & food manufacturing industry

GEA has recently launched their latest in food production systems set to enrich the production for cheese manufacturers, meat processing and food processing companies alike. The GEA OptiSlicer 6000 includes a range of technological advancements for food manufacturing, particularly increasing the efficiency of slicing meat and cheese products.

The machine is developed as a mid-way machine between GEA’s MegaSlicer XXL and GEA’s DualSlicer, designed with a bigger cross-section than the MegaSlicer for faster and more accurate slicing performance. The intention is to benefit companies in the food process industry with higher productivity, better food quality, easier maintenance and the lowest possible Total Cost of Operation.

Why is the OptiSlicer 6000 so special for food manufacturing?

The OptiSlicer 6000 is designed with a new clear-view operator panel with eye-level electronics to improve the ergonomics for its operators. The food production machine has a higher capacity and improved blade design that makes cutting products that are notoriously difficult to slice easier to handle without the need for crust freezing. The machine can also be mirrored in left and right-hand versions to minimise footprint and enhance productivity for the food processing companies that acquire the machine. The most significant benefit of the mirrored feature is that it allows for the food production system to be run by the same operator. This greatly improves the food manufacturing process and significantly reduces the overall footprint of the line.

GEA SmartControl: Absolute operator control

The OptiSlicer is designed with an innovative food production system – the GEA SmartControl operation panel. This feature is a high-resolution, full-colour 21.5-inch display to provide a high-definition window into the food manufacturing process. The system gives operators a clear view of the machine status and operation, providing meat processing companies and cheese manufacturers improved ways to increase their food quality.

Better blade for a smoother slice

The GEA OptiSlicer is designed with the same blade as its predecessors, positioned at a 40° slicing angle, however it does have slight design differences. The modified blade design avoids balancing weights and in doing so improves hygiene, minimises noise and is easier to maintain. The blade also has an optimised geometry and a new coating design – GEA Resyst – for an even smoother, more accurate cut and better portion control.

Interfood Machinery is Australia’s leading supplier of food production systems and equipment. Our highly knowledgeable team is happy to assist with selecting the best machines for food manufacturing and food processing companies around Australia. If you are interested in the GEA OptiSlicer, a GEA oven or any other food production machine,  call your closest Interfood Machinery location to discuss.

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