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Image of a man working in a Marination Techniques

Elevating Product Quality Through Enhanced Marination Techniques

In the competitive industry of food manufacturing, flavour is king. A key player in achieving exceptional taste is the marination process. As the leading food manufacturing and packaging equipment supplier with locations in Brisbane, Sydney,…

Image of workers working in a GEA Food Solutions Equipment at a warehouse

Exploring the GEA Food Solutions Equipment Advantage in Food Processing

In the dynamic industry of food processing, choosing the right equipment can be the catalyst to unlocking efficiency and excellence. One name that consistently stands out is GEA Food Solutions. As the leading food manufacturing…

Image of a a Cutting and Emulsification Machines with a metal pole

A Deep Dive into Cutting and Emulsification Machines

When it comes to the food manufacturing industry, precision is paramount. Achieving the perfect cut or creating a consistent emulsion can be a game-changer in product quality. Enter cutting and emulsification machines, the unsung heroes…

Ensuring Food Safety with Our Advanced Packaging Equipment

In the fast-paced world of food manufacturing, ensuring food safety is of paramount importance. Our advanced packaging equipment plays a critical role in maintaining product integrity, extending shelf life, and safeguarding the health of consumers….

Key Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Food Processing Machinery

Upgrading your food processing machinery is a significant decision that can have a substantial impact on the efficiency and productivity of your food manufacturing business. At Interfood Machinery Group, we understand the importance of making…

Meat grinder

5 reasons to choose Interfood Machinery for your food processing business

Interfood Machinery is an industry leader in the food processing and packaging industry, with over 20 years of experience. The company has been providing Australian businesses with high-quality machinery and equipment, allowing us to improve…

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