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How to select the most suitable food manufacturing equipment for your business

Whether it’s slicing, mixing, grinding, filling or packaging, choosing the right machinery for the job can save you time, money and improve food quality.

Selecting the best food manufacturing equipment for your business begins by providing an onsite evaluation where experts can take a look at your business’s technical, manufacturing and space requirements.

Interfood has experienced engineers who will supervise installation with machines tailored to suit your business needs. Our staff will then train your workforce on how to use the equipment, clean and sanitise it correctly and perform general maintenance. After installation and training, ongoing care is provided and Interfood will provide general support.

Interfood Machinery Group services businesses of all sizes and sells the best food manufacturing equipment on the market. Whether it’s cutting and emulsifying machinery from GEA or making the best sausages on Frey filling equipment, we have you covered.

Finding the right food manufacturing equipment

Slicing: You’ve probably seen ham being sliced at the deli but we also offer industrial slicing machines from GEA which can be automated and offer various thicknesses. They are designed to slice meat in a visually appealing way and capitalise on increasing volume by providing finer slices which create the feel of presenting a higher volume. One of our best sellers, the OptiSlicer 6000, is designed with higher capacity and improved blade design that makes cutting products that are notoriously difficult to slice easier. The machine can also be mirrored in left and right-hand versions which greatly improves the food manufacturing process and significantly reduces the overall footprint of the line.

Filling: Frey machines and filling go hand in hand, like a sausage into casing! Frey has a wide range of filling machines in an array of sizes to suit smaller or larger businesses. The industrial machines can feed more than 4000kg of meat an hour with hoppers capable of holding hundreds of litres in capacity.

Mixing and grinding: GEA also produces some fine quality mixing equipment. They offer three and five-piece knife sets which are available with a fixed pre-cutter. They come with colour touch screens and storage for pre-set food mixing programs. Roser Group’s CATO line of high power mixers offer multiple speed options while delivering a fast and efficient grind of frozen meats up to -25C. Velati meat grinder products are made entirely of stainless steel to maintain quality and safety while grinding frozen meat blocks. The TFR grinder breaker has a productivity level of 12,000kg an hour. Velati food mixers have capacity tanks of between 1100-4000 litres and allow for rapid unloading after the mixing process.

Cutting: GEA produces high productivity for cutting and prep work before mixing or emulsifying. From coarse chopping to the finest blade work, they give you a great quality cut perfect for any job.

Interfood Machinery Group has offices in major Australian cities and would love to have a chat about the best food manufacturing equipment for you. Call us today: Brisbane (07) 3245 8000, Sydney (02) 9771 1955 and Melbourne 0413 056 535.

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