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Food machinery for cutting and emulsification

We can meet all of your processing needs by selling the major brands of commercial food cutting and emulsification machinery.

Let’s take a look at the options we sell for commercial food cutting and emulsification machinery.

GEA CutMaster

The GEA CutMaster is designed to cut, mix and emulsify all different kinds of smallgoods and sausages from coarse meats to fine casing solutions. The food can be cooked or cooled and is also suitable for a wide range of proteins like fish and poultry while having the ability to process vegetables and cheese.

The CutMaster prides itself on producing a perfect cutting appearance due to the variable cutting area and speeds with stable emulsions that don’t split. The knife shaft seal, automatic bearing lubrication and bowl-to-frame seal mean maintenance requirements are low and cleaning time is minimised because fewer parts need to be removed. Changing knife blades is also fast and easy.

Cutters from GEA are some of the most universal and flexible systems for commercial food cutting and emulsification machinery. They provide flexibility and fast exchange of recipes while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Emulsifiers are mainly used in the meat industry. They are designed to produce the best quality products by taking finely chopped meat and emulsifying ingredients so the end result of the sausage or smallgood is smooth in texture and tasty. Take a look at the right food processing machinery for meats.

So, whether you are in the market for a commercial food cutting or emulsification machinery, we sell the best products on the market.

Interfood Machinery Group has an experienced team of experts who sell, service and maintain food processing machinery with the aim of improving the productivity and profit margins of your business. Give us a call today: Brisbane (07) 3245 8000; Sydney (02) 9771 1955; Melbourne 0413 056 535.

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