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Your complete guide to choosing a new slicing machine

If you own a meat or poultry processing plant, choosing a high-quality meat slicing machine for your application can be confusing. Many claim to be the best meat slicer you can buy, but you need to do your homework to ensure you find the commercial meat slicer that’s right for your needs.

We put together a practical how-to guide below to help you narrow down the results and get the food manufacturing equipment that’s right for you.

Decide what you need in a meat slicer

The first step in finding the meat slicer for your commercial business is deciding what you want. Make a list of features and options you require to help eliminate the food manufacturing equipment that won’t work.

The product you intend to slice plays a major part in the meat slicer you purchase. Poultry pork or beef, regardless of what you intend to cut, there is a commercial slicing machine out there that can do it!

The size, temperature, and product state of your poultry or beef will also determine the type of slicing machine you require. When looking into meat slicers, and chatting with sales reps, having this important information will help you narrow down your options. You’ll also be able to answer any questions the manufacturer asks you.

Types of features your meat slicer requires

There are commercial cutters out there that enable you to switch between ingredients and product types. From course chopping to very fine emulsions, your workplace may benefit from a bowl cutter that cuts, mixes and emulsifies a wide range of food products.

Perhaps you need a meat cutter that will quickly switch between ingredients and product types.

Before you finalise your purchase, you might like to consider the following:

  • Type of controls you require in a cutter
  • Safety features required in your facility
  • Ease of use
  • Easy of cleanability
  • Ease of movability – in case you need to move the slicer regularly

Factors to consider when searching for a commercial slicing machine

The final step in the process of finding your ideal meat cutter is determining the following:

  • Budget – how much are you willing to pay?
  • Size – maximum length, width, and height that fits your commercial space
  • Power
  • Capacity – how many kilograms of meat do you need to slice per hour
  • Labor – how many people can you spare to operate the machine
  • Integration – do you need the slicer to integrate with other equipment?

Are you ready to order new food processing machinery?

When it comes to purchasing your new commercial slicer, your main aim should be to find a slicer that will increase output and reduce your operating expenses. So, if you’re looking for the best food processing equipment in Adelaide, drop in and see the team at Interfood Machinery Group. Located at Capalaba, Queensland, give their team a call on (07) 32 45 8000 to discuss your needs. Or view the entire product range online.

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