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The importance of proper hygiene in the food processing industry

Prioritising hygiene at the entry and exit points of your workplace will help minimise the risk of contamination. Through innovative and functional equipment, different hygiene solutions have been devised to help reduce the risk of contamination and the entry of pathogens. Improved hygiene in the food processing industry prevents cross-contamination of production areas and ensures your workplace meets hygienic requirements.

Below we outline a few innovative solutions devised to keep your workplace free from contaminants:

Integrated hygiene stations for the food processing industry

Integrated hygiene stations are designed to disinfect workers in high-risk areas, where a very strict hygiene level is required. They may include soles washers, automatic hand soap dosing, washing, and rinsing as well as hand drying. Installing an integrated hygiene station at your food processing site guarantees a very strict hygiene control of all employees and a fast and continuous flow of people without wasting time waiting in line.

Bootwashers used in the food processing industry

A good quality boot washer will thoroughly clean rubber boots at the entrance of a food processing site, providing cross-contamination control between processing operations. Built to perform in a wide range of food processing environments where food processing hygiene is critical, they are designed to wash the side and the sole of each boot. Often manufactured with rotating brushes, many come equipped with an automatic soap dispenser for added convenience.

Food processing industry washbasin solutions

Washbasins are essential for use within the food processing industry. They are the ideal way to eliminate the risk of contamination. With a wide variety of options available, some washbasins come equipped with multiple stations, soap dispensers, as well as pedals. They can be wall or floor-mounted. Some washbasins are even sensor operated.

Washing cabinets for the food processing industry

A good solid washing cabinet will make all the difference at a food processing site. We’ve listed a couple of key functions to look for when purchasing a washbasin for your food processing site:

  • The capacity of up to 20 bins/hour
  • Process stages of prewash, wash and rinse
  • A water tank of 400 litres
  • Automatic level control system and self-cleaning rotary filter
  • Steam heated
  • Working temperature: 40ºC-70ºC

The importance of a good knife holder for the food processing industry

When working in the food processing industry, the best way to care for knives is to store them properly. Knives should never be kept unprotected in a common drawer, as they could rub against other items and become dull. As a kitchen instrument designed to store knives safely, a knife holder in a food processing site will protect knives from damage. Wash and sterilization machines for your knife holders are another essential buy.

Knife holder sterilization machine used in the food processing industry

A high-quality knife holder cleaning and sterilization system will ensure top cleaning results, reducing handling as well as water and energy costs. Equipped with the wash, rinse, and sanitizing processing stages, they’re ideal for the busy environment of a food processing site where sterilization is of utmost importance.

Ready to buy high-quality equipment ideal for industrial hygiene?

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