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Rectange Black Kerres

Kerres Hybrid Smoke 2850

Introducing the Kerres Hybrid Smoke 2850, a fully automatic universal smokehouse system that focuses on full modularity.
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Introducing the GEA CookStar Turbo: The innovative industrial spiral oven

Introducing the GEA CookStar Turbo: The industrial spiral oven The GEA CookStar Turbo is the world’s only industrial spiral oven that is innovatively designed to ...
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Air Handling Unit

Introducing the Blu Series Air Handling Unit by Frigomeccanica

A clean room is a room specially designed so that the concentration of airborne particles within the space is kept under control. It is engineered ...
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Introducing the TSystem: Real time assistant tool from Velati

The TSystem application is a unique assistance tool that is designed to offer versatile and essential support to Velati customers. The system is specially designed ...
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The importance to appropriately acquiring and maintaining food processing machinery

To fully optimize safety within the factory when acquiring new food processing machinery, it is crucial to select equipment that is suitable for the intended ...
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Innovative solutions for alternative protein food processing

As more and more consumers seek food alternatives that have less impact on the environment, the more the food processing industry is primed to innovate. ...
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