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Introducing the Blu Series Air Handling Unit by Frigomeccanica

A clean room is a room specially designed so that the concentration of airborne particles within the space is kept under control. It is engineered and utilised as a room to minimise in feed, generation and retention of particles that may present a risk of contamination of a product.

A clean room achieves this control by filtering the air with diverse particulate retention capacities, controlling the temperature and the relative humidity of the air. As well as by managing the room’s level of overpressure and managing its airflow.

How are they used in the food processing industry?

In the food industry, a clean room, such as the Blu Series Air Handling Unit by Frigomeccanica, generates an environmental condition that is necessary for keeping intact the organoleptic characteristics of packaged foods. This keeps the food unaltered and ensures the food is able to achieve a longer shelf life.

They are also used for:

  • A room for slicing and packing meats and cold cuts
  • A room for cutting and packaging cheese
  • A room for processing perishable vegetables and packaging salads
  • A room for preparing and packaging ready-made-meals, sandwiches and fresh foods

What are organoleptic characteristics?

Organoleptic characteristics is the aspects of food, water and other consumables that an individual will experience via the senses – taste, sight, smell and touch. Organoleptic characteristics are an essential component for the quality control of foods, as customers will perceive the product quality with their senses.

How Frigomeccanica’s Blu Series Air Handling Unit compares

The Blu Series Air Handling Unit by Frigomeccanica is designed with full compliance of international safety regulations. This particular clean room is designed especially for the needs of the food industry and is guaranteed to achieve a high standard of control of airborne particles inside and outside the unit.

The unit is designed with a stainless steel shell-shaped interior surface, complete with a condensate drain to ensure a seamless cleaning process. This is crucial as a clean room is an application that requires frequent washing at the end of its daily production cycle.

The outer structure of the Blu Series Air Handling Unit is built as a perfectly smooth, linear structure with no profiles and large sized doors that are flush to the structure. It is designed to guarantee low thermal transmittance and effective reduction of noise from mechanical sources.

At Interfood Machinery Group we not only assist in the selection and installation of food processing machinery, we offer ongoing support to everyone we supply. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is suitably prepared to assist you in finding the most appropriate clean room for your business – including the Blu Series Air Handling Unit by Frigomeccanica.

Call your closest Interfood Machinery location to discuss how we can best assist you and your business to source the best application for producing the highest quality of organoleptic characteristics of your food.

Brisbane – 07 3245 8000

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Melbourne – 0413 056 535

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