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Introducing the TSystem: Real time assistant tool from Velati

The TSystem application is a unique assistance tool that is designed to offer versatile and essential support to Velati customers. The system is specially designed to assist its users in reducing, and even prevent, machine and equipment breakdowns, while increasing the technical availability of their systems and equipment.

Via an app, the TSystem gives immediate assistance through a Live Chat, whereVelati service technicians can answer questions or analyse problems in real time and provide essential technical support. Velati service technicians are able to follow process steps from their workstation and assist users by indicating or by using visual movements.

Real time assistance

The possibilities of the TSystem are abundant and can be adapted and tailored to the needs of each individual Velati customer. Whether it is correcting technical operations, analysing errors or quickly identifying spare parts, all functions of the TSystem are designed to support its users. In doing so, it will effectively reduce production downtime.

Velati service technicians are able to directly provide precise assistance by viewing essential data collected from the smartphone or camera of the customer’s tablet. This will assist the technician in diagnosing usage errors or error messages. The TSystem easy-to-use app can be downloaded to most mobile devices – compatible with Windows, Android and iOS.

Analyse remotely & solve the problem

The most difficult of problems are best solved through analysing the situation directly. The TSystem is able to take advantage of modern technology – through live video feed – in order to save time and reduce costs. The TSystem allows expert Velati service technicians to assist customers on the field directly from their location.

Main functions of the TSystem

  • Velati service technicians are able to view the situation in HD images and video.
  • Velati service technicians are able to share and discuss with maintenance technicians’ crucial documents, manuals, web pages, videos, electrical drawings, spare parts list, etc.
  • Maintenance technicians are able to use smartphones, tablets or even Smartglasses for hands-free professional support.
  • Velati service technicians are able to take photos and record video in real-time and remotely in order to keep a record of the consultancies and always have the situation updated with the customer.
  • Velati service technicians and the maintenance technicians are able to work together to draw and point out where to take action using various TSystem functions.

At Interfood Machinery Group we not only assist in the selection and installation of food processing machinery, we offer ongoing support to everyone we supply. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is suitably prepared to assist you in finding the most appropriate Velati equipment – including the TSystem. Call your closest Interfood Machinery location to discuss how we can best assist you and your business.

Brisbane – 07 3245 8000

Sydney – 02 9771 1955

Melbourne – 0413 056 535

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