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Innovative solutions for alternative protein food processing

As more and more consumers seek food alternatives that have less impact on the environment, the more the food processing industry is primed to innovate. Better technology and engineering geared towards alternative protein food processing machines, as well as machines that best process dairy alternatives, meat alternatives and plant-based proteins – just to name a few – are crucial to this increase in market demand.

Food processing giants, such as GEA, are meeting this demand with a broad range of solutions built to process raw materials such as soy, rapeseed and sunflower seeds, as well as next-generation solutions for the sustainable processing of alternative proteins and protein derivatives from algae and fungi.

GEA offers tailored and task specific end-to-end equipment and machinery for alternative protein food processing. These innovative solutions were developed originally, and are still being innovated, as a result of their own independent testing and years of close cooperation with their clients. Their innovative food processing machinery covers:

  • Preparation – mixing, grinding, cutting, emulsifying
  • Forming
  • Coating
  • Heat treatment – cooking, steaming, frying
  • Packaging

For example, the GEA CutMaster is ideal for use with extruded or granulated textured vegetable protein (TVP) and many other alternative proteins including purified pea protein, soy protein, wheat protein, gluten and methylcellulose. The alternative protein food processing machine works to allow for the hydration of raw materials under vacuum and also performs cutting and emulsifying – mixing the ingredients – and then cools them.

As for mixing and tempering, the GEA ProMix uses innovative ColdSteam technology, which results in the ideal structuring and forming of high-quality vegetarian products. The GEA CrumbMaster offers the latest breading technology and accommodates diverse breadcrumb types. The GEA CookStar is a highly regarded industrial oven engineered to deliver excellent performance across all parameters – including capacity, flexibility, consistency and reliability.

GEA’s equipment and machines offer many benefits towards both traditional meat processing and alternative protein food processing. Modifications may be required to accommodate for the unique properties of plant-based ingredients, however GEA – and other major manufacturers – are openly developing innovative solutions to meet these requirements

GEA go as far as to allow their clients the opportunity to test ingredients, processes and equipment at their innovative technology center – GEA Food Solutions Technology Center – both in person or remotely. This opportunity allows for clients to eliminate risk factors and trial the machinery before scaling up their production.

At Interfood Machinery Group we not only assist in the selection and installation of GEA food processing machinery, we work alongside a range of different innovative food processing manufacturers. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team are suitably prepared to assist you in finding the perfect alternative protein food processing machine. Call your closest Interfood Machinery location to discuss how we can best assist you and your business.

Brisbane – 07 3245 8000
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